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From the Forum

Creating a Culture of Learning in the Home

Creating a Culture of Learning in the Home

Today we feature a letter written by our Headmaster to Heights families in 2007.  There are 13 years under the bridge, but the principles that applied then, apply now.  The same forces are at work for our sons’ attention.  Read on for the headmaster’s guidance on creating a culture of learning in the home.

Dear Parents,

For a change, this letter does not deal with events coming up, or buildings, or school news.

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The Bedrock Principle of Fatherhood

The Bedrock Principle of Fatherhood

Dads, how often do we try to strong arm our sons into success?  Is this the best way?  Even if your son achieves success, is it his win or is it yours?  Join Andy Reed for a discussion of fatherhood.  Learn more about what our Middle School Head refers to as the “bedrock principle” of fatherhood, the notion that you, as a father, have to accompany rather than manage your boy, and that he will draw confidence for himself from your confidence in him.

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Find Your Cold Shower

Find Your Cold Shower

The Inspiration

On the first Friday of school in September 2017, I was looking for a news article to use in AP Spanish class that would spark a lively discussion and help us get comfortable debating things in Spanish. The first article that caught my attention was about a guy who swore that he hadn’t been sick in 10 years, and he attributed it to taking cold showers. The idea of cold showers was not new to me; I had heard of a few friends and colleagues that did it as mortification, but this was the first I had heard about it for health reasons. 

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