Heights Level Up Wrestling Camp | The Heights School

Heights Level Up Wrestling Camp (3rd-12th)

Are you a developing wrestler between 3rd and 12th grade? Hopefully, you’ve already realized that success in wrestling requires hard, patient work over a period of time. In this sport, you need strength, flexibility, and very good conditioning. But technique beats strength! Every wrestler needs good fundamentals, and a toolkit of moves he can reliably hit in live situations.

This intense one week camp is designed to provide young Heights wrestlers with a proper baseline of technique, so they can move seamlessly from one season to the next, ready to advance within the Heights system. The camp is open to all young men between 3rd and 12th grade, and the technique taught here will reinforce and build on what Heights wrestlers were taught during the regular season. It will also help ensure middle school wrestlers are on the right track to succeed in high school wrestling.  We strive to create a personalized experience so that wrestlers of all age and experience levels can level up! Please see the menu of techniques below, and read on for additional details.


  1. Feet Offense (Neutral Position)
    1. Proper Stance and Motion
    2. Working from the Inside Control Tie
    3. Inside Step
      1. Penetration Step
      2. Drop Sep
      3. Side Step
    4. Sweep Step
    5. Creating and Using Pressure
    6. Finding Angles
    7. Setups
    8. Inside Step Shots:
      1. Hi-C
      2. Blast Double
      3. High Single
    9. Basic Front Headlock
      1. Bounce, Block, Go-Behind
      2. Shuck
    10. Sweep Single
      1. On the Mat Finish
      2. Stake and Drive Finish
    11. Mid-Level Attacks
      1. Duck-Under
      2. Arm-Drag
    12. Fun Throws and Gimmick Moves (If Time Permits)
      1. Proper Side Headlock Throw
      2. Fireman’s Carry
  2. Feet Defense
    1. Head, Hands, Hips
    2. Defend Hi-C
    3. Defend Double
    4. Defend Single
    5. Defend Front Headlock
    6. Defend Side Headlock
    7. Three Whizzers
  3. Top Offense
    1. Basics of Riding
    2. Breakdowns
      1. Arm-Chop Tightwaist
      2. Tight-Waist Ankle
      3. Spiral Ride (+ Claw)
      4. Far Arm Near Knee
    3. Series (Partial Series)
      1. Half
      2. Crossface
      3. Chicken Wing (Arm Bar)
  4. Attacking from the Bottom
    1. Basics of Bottom Position
    2. Hand-fighting from Bottom
    3. Stand-Up Series
    4. Sit Out Series
    5. Switch Series
    6. Rolls

As you can see, this a no-nonsense wrestling camp, where we’ll attempt to cover a lot of technique in a short amount of time. Boys will stay very busy, and will be engaged in intense learning throughout. In addition to technique, each day’s schedule will feature:

  • a daily virtue talk (Humility, Courage, Cheerfulness, etc…)
  • at least one game
  • warm ups and cool downs
  • drilling and live wrestling

Finally, try to bring at least one friend similar to you in weight and/or size, which will ensure you have someone with whom to drill.

We look forward to seeing you on the mat.


  • June 24th – 28th

Hours: 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Ages: 3rd –12th Grade

Fees: $350

Staff: Coach Joe Breslin; jbreslin@heights.edu

Notes: What to Bring: Wrestling shoes, headgear, mouthguard (if you have braces), bagged lunch...and bring a friend!